Baby Swaddling


Baby Swaddling FAQs

What is baby swaddling?

Swaddling means to “snugly wrap a baby tightly with a blanket or a  piece of cloth”. It helps in keeping the baby cozy. Research shows that swaddling – is a technique that mimics the coziness of the womb. It can keep your baby warm and comfortable helping him/her sleep better and for a long period of time. The cozy wrapping allows the baby to feel safe and secure.

What !! you mean baby will not be able to move at all.. Is it safe?

Absolutely, not just safe, it also is preferred by most babies. Research shows that most baby's wake up due to being scared of their own reflexes. Imagine all your life you have stayed in a familiar surrounding and suddenly you enter a world where everything is just 100 times bigger, or even more... Wouldnt that scare you. That is exactly what babies feel when they come out of mother's womb. Swaddle helps to allay their fears and gives them a safe feeling helping them sleep better. 

Swaddling not only helps the baby in staying calm and sleep better it may reduce the risk of SIDS. 

Okay, so how do I do it?

Swaddling is not a new technique. it’s being practiced from the time of our ancestors but the right way of doing it is important else it can prove dangerous or risky for the baby. 


  • Take the Mulmul naturals swaddle wrap (or any other light cotton cloth) lay it on a flat surface and fold down the top corner according to the height of the baby. It will hold the baby from bursting and will help him sleep better.
  • Make sure to put baby in the center so that the top of the fabric is right at his shoulder level.
  • Take the first hand and put it straight down to the baby’s side and pull the corner of the blanket over his chest keeping aside the other hand and tuck the leading edge of the blanket under his back.
  • Pick the bottom edge and fold it upwards keeping enough room for the baby to kick his legs and letting him feel the obstruction. Now bring down the other arm keeping it sideways wrap the cloth around the baby’s shoulder.
  • Keeping one hand on baby’s chest in order to hold the blanket in place and  with the other hand grasp the other edge five inches away from the baby’s neck holding it to get a snug fit.
  • Create a V neck and put your thumb there that will secure all that you have done till now, what is left is the last half which will actually go up over the other shoulder of the baby. Pull this tight and bring it around and pull it again and tuck it in.


Now the baby is totally secure and happy. You can also swaddle a baby in a way which leaves his hands free so he can suck on his fingers. Bend his arms at his chest so his hands are up by his face. When you fold the first corner of the blanket over the baby’s body make sure his arms are tucked in and his hands are peeking out of the top and the rest process is the same.